3D Human Skin Equivalent


Labskin is a three-dimensional human skin equivalent (HSE) model that resembles the discrete biological layers found in human skin. Labskin is sold for commercial use for basic and applied skin research, pre-clinical screening, microbial (bacterial) testing, and efficacy studies of personal care products. The Directors believe that the EU ban on animal testing of cosmetics means that HSEs are increasingly used by developers operating in the dermatology space. Researchers are able to gain a fundamental understanding of the product’s influence on processes including skin permeability, formation of the epidermis and wound healing. HSE models can also be used for cosmetics and other personal care products as a means of screening for phototoxicity, irritation and toxicity without the need for animal testing. Labskin can be used to test personal care products such as moisturisers, anti-dandruff products and sunscreens for skin and inflammatory responses. Sophisticated structural changes, such as the build-up of collagen in cells, can be identified with testing of cosmeceutical products such as anti-ageing creams.

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